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Dina profile

Mrs. Sifri brings over a decade of experience in medical device engineering and software companies as well as academic research experience in computer science.
Her diverse experience covers all aspects of medical device software applications including project and product management, software engineering and developing, architecture design and documentation.

Mrs. Sifri started her career at Philips Medical System was constantly promoted from software tester to software engineer and image processing algorithms implementer and developer.
Additional positions included Mazor Surgical Technologies where Dina served as senior software engineer, software group leader and project manager.

Following this Dina served as software group leader at medical start-up companies.

Mrs. Sifri holds an MA Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Haifa University, the thesis work is based on medical image processing algorithms. Dina also holds an MBA degree for high-tech industry companies from Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.